Technicolor Connected Home Post-Sales

This web site provides instructions to customers of Technicolor Connected Home on how to obtain Post Sales support for products and services,they have
purchased from Technicolor Connected Home and Cisco Connected Devices Business Unit.

Thank you for contacting the Worldwide Support Web Site for Technicolor Connected Home Post Sales.

The worldwide Technicolor Connected Home’s Post Sales (PS) is organized by region to support Customer needs for
all post sales activities including warranty management, product repair, product upgrade, product refurbishment and spare parts.

To locate your closest technical support, please click the link below corresponding to the Technicolor Region in which your country is located.

This will take you to your Region Support Web Site. There you will find instructions on how to obtain support from Technicolor Connected Home Post sales.

To obtain post-sales support for a Technicolor product you have purchased, please contact your closest Post Sales team directly using the information provided
on your Region Support Web Site.

If you’re not sure of the Technicolor Region in which your country resides, consult the table below to identify it.